The M. Powell Lawton Award



2004 Recipient:
Steven H. Zarit, Ph.D.

Dr. Steven H. Zarit, Ph.D., is professor and head of the
Department of Human Development and Family Studies at the Pennsylvania State
University. He is also adjunct professor at the Institute of Gerontology at the
College of Health Sciences, Jönköping University, Sweden.

His peers nominated him to receive the award because, like Dr.
Lawton, he has the ability to integrate research, teaching, mentoring, and
community service. According to his colleagues, Dr. Zarit's pioneering research,
examining the relationship between seniors with Alzheimer's disease and their
family caregivers, has revolutionized the field of dementia care. His research
and advocacy have been largely responsible for propelling caregiving issues into
the national policy arena and the media spotlight. As a result of this attention
on the plight of caregiving families, a variety of resources have become
available to assist older adults with dementia and their family caregivers,
including increased governmental funding to adult day care centers.