The M. Powell Lawton Award



2008 Recipient:
Louis (Lou) Burgio , PhD

Dr. Lou Burgio, PhD is currently a Harold R. Johnson Professor
of Social Work and research professor, Institute of Gerontology, at the
University of Michigan. He was most recently distinguished as a university
research professor of clinical psychology at the University of Alabama at
Tuscaloosa. He has done extensive research in applied gerontology, focusing on
developing interventions for the behavioral complications of dementia in nursing
homes and working with dementia caregivers in the community to ease the stress
and burden of caregiving.


He has authored over 150 articles that have appeared in such
journals as The Gerontologist, Journals of Gerontology, and the Journal of the
American Geriatrics Society. He has served on 10 journal editorial boards and on
ad hoc grant review panels for NINR, NIMH, and the Alzheimer's Association. Dr.
Burgio has received grant funding from NIA, NINR, CDC, the Alzheimer's
Association, and the Retirement Research Foundation and completed a term on the
National Advisory Council for Nursing Research at NIH (2002-2006). Dr. Burgio
has received continuous funding from NIH since 1990.