Institutional Review Board Materials


The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a committee that protects human subjects involved in research by reviewing and monitoring research activities to ensure that subjects are treated fairly and risks are minimized.





Regulations of the Institutional Review Board of the Madlyn and Leonard Abramson Center for Jewish Life


Financial Conflict of Interest Policy


DHHS Final Guidance Document on Financial Relationships in Research Involving Human Subjects: Guidance on Human Subject Protection


Research Funded by Federal Agencies: Title 45, Part 46, Protection of Human Subjects (45CFR46)


Belmont Report





The forms below are Word documents. After opening a form, select 'File' and 'Save As' to save a copy on your own computer. Please print completed forms to submit. Forms are due to the IRB administrator by the first Monday of the month that the application is to be reviewed.


The Office of Human Research Protection has designed the following aids to determine if a study involves human subjects and must be reviewed by an Institutional Review Board: Human Subject Decision Charts



Initial Review Forms


Application for Initial Review - Polisher Research Institute Staff


Application for Initial Review - Other Abramson Center for Jewish Life Staff


Application for Initial Review - Outside Investigators



Continuation Review Form


Application for Continuation Review



Other Forms


Request for Change in Protocol


Adverse Event Form


Protocol Close-Out Form



Conflict of Interest Forms


Conflict of Interest Affidavit - Investigator


Conflict of Interest Affidavit - Non-Investigator






Informed Consent Guidelines


The Signatory Official, Human Protections Administrator and IRB Chair are required to complete the following training:
Office of Human Research Protection: Human Subject Assurance Training


IRB Chair, committee members, investigators, and key research personnel are required to complete the following tutorial:
National Institutes of Health: Human Participant Protections Education for Research Teams


**Please submit a certificate of completion to Susanne Morganstein.



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